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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lumber Jacked by Chance Carter

I chose this book for several reasons.  I really felt like getting it on with a lumberjack in a book.  Hardcore male, strong and powerful, and a melting heart.  Also, I then noticed it was written by a man.  Great, I can get the skinny on how a man thinks, how he writes heroes and heroines, and what constitutes his version of a steamy scene. 

I went through this not too long ago and came up with a similar result.  The characters were too “mushy”, but the sex was “say it like it is.”  34117444

This novel had a few flaws, though.  The conflict ended in the middle of the story.  I had no reason to continue reading except I thought a tangential conflict would sprout.  Sorry, no it didn’t. 

Grady (he’s not named Jack) is a hot and enticing man who starts his life over when he finds out he has a six-month old baby and he’s the surviving parent.  He moves to a mountain town (I do like the setting) and has plenty of money to survive very well. 

So, he’s not a lumberjack as I’d hoped.  Okay, so what does he do?  It took a third of the book to casually mention he stole whatever he has and regrets it.

The heroine, Autumn, has her own issues.  She moves to the mountain to work as a maid at a hotel.  The hotel owners claim they will pay for her mother’s cancer treatments in place of Autumn’s work.  Very noble of her.

The conflict arises in the work she is to perform, the weird and perverted attitude of the owners, and how Autumn deals with this. 

Along comes Grady to hopefully save the day.

Grady and Autumn’s beginning to the love fest is a bit different, and that’s refreshing.  Yet, the conflict could’ve had a lot more punch.

Enough said.  The novella was different on many levels.

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