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Friday, March 10, 2017

Riley's Summer House.

Hey, ya’all.  How’s tricks?  Good, I hope!

Well, here we are again...another Friday...and I got nuthin’ to blog about.  So, I thought I’d update ya’all on my dog Riley.  Back on Friday, June 10th, I reported that he was eating himself out of house and home.  For those of you who haven’t read that blog, you can find the link at the bottom of this one.  LOL

For those of you who might have read the first blog, you may remember that Riley started with the house on the left and had taken his remodeling far enough to have achieved the look on the right.

Well, Riley is still remodeling his doghouse and, apparently, he’s going for the Tahitian hut look.

Oh, wait...a Tahitian hut has walls. 

Perhaps this is the look he’s going for???

 Well, I’m here to say that Riley is no slacker.  He has been hard at work on his remodeling project since last June and has expanded his dog house to include..........

.........the entire outside.  Yep, that’s the doghouse as it sits now.  Dog, remember?  No opposable thumbs.  Can’t wield a hammer, can’t run a skill saw.  I actually believe this is what he's going to end up with by the time he outgrows the chewing phase...

 Of course, the other two dogs are annoyed.  Every time it rains, they glare at him and run into the other doghouse (smaller and older).

Fortunately, he hasn’t eaten that one yet.  Why, you ask?  Because he loves to sleep on top of that dog house.  Hard to chew down a house from on top of the shingled roof.  LOL  But he did manage to keep his butt on the ground long enough to chew a hole in the front porch of that doghouse you can see, the pool is fair game.

Since I was on the subject of chewing dogs, I did a little more research to see if there were more strange dog chewing stories.  Oh yeah.  I found a whole slew of stuff not mentioned in my June blog that pooches around the world have chewed on.  These are some of my favs.

My dog ate...

·       My homework.  (This one, if true, really sucks!)

·       Ant bait.  (Seriously?  I had to open this one to make sure the dog lived.  It did.  Threw up and was fine...even went back for a 2nd course of the stuff—in a midnight garbage raid.  Again, survived.)

·       A battery.  (Apparently, this one is more common than I would have expected because there were a LOT of internet entries on this one.  The thing I found strange is that so many people out there post in the middle of the night on the internet looking for someone--anyone--to answer, rather than...I don’t know...TAKE IT TO THE VET, MAYBE?  Sigh...don’t get me started!)

·       A toenail off.  (Strangely, I’ve heard of this before...our beloved Bradley had this issue...and nothing to take lightly.)

·       My passport.  (Note:  Do NOT travel with this dog, or you ain't gettin’ back in.)

·       Glass.  (Lots of these too.  Really?  Who leaves glass laying around?  While researching this one, I also ran across...Christmas Tree Ornaments.  Guess they were outta cookies.)

·       Matches.  (Holy cow!  DON’T feed that dog beans!!!)

·       Insulation.  (Sheesh...I can hardly stand to be in the same room with a piece of fiberglas the hell could a dog chew on it and not scratch himself to pieces?  Actually, I loved the solution that was put forth...Don’t let him eat it in the first place.  Really?  Rocket science, I guess.)

·       Firework.  (Uh, okay.  I was actually horrified by some of the videos I found posted out there about dogs attacking/eating fireworks.  Dogs and kids...don’t come with a handbook, but I’m pretty sure this one’s self-explanatory.)

·       Sharpie.  (Guess he had a story inside just dying to come out.  No nasty letters, please...I couldn’t resist.)

·       Dryer sheet.  (Bad breath, maybe?  Do NOT try this at home!)

·       Robot.  (And the funny thing is...they are’t talking about a robot vacuum cleaner...they are talking about an honest-to-goodness robot.  Guess the dog’s afraid of being replaced by a machine.)

·       Glow stick.  (This might be my favorite, and I’m dying to know what that looks like on an x-ray.  Sheesh, I sure hope it wasn’t one of those with a hook on the end...that’s gonna hurt later!)

Well, those are the new chew toys I’ve found just since June.  When I look at this list, Riley’s new doghouse looks pretty darn normal.

That’s my story, rickety and ridonkulous, and I’m stickin’ to it.  Hang on tight, ‘cuz w’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love Ya,



  1. Wow. I wonder how these line up with some of the things kids have eaten. Because sadly, animals are often smarter than humans in my experience...LOL! :) Good luck with the dog house, or lack thereof...snerk :)

  2. Oh my... My sister's dog when she was a puppy ate rocks... my other sister had a dog that would chew on the side of her house, but nothing as extreme as Riley.

    1. Wow...eating rocks sounds like it could get expensive! Thanks for sharing, Colleen!