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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Interview With Vikkas Bhardwaj.

Yeah, Baby!  

Well, folks, we have a special treat for ya’all today.  We have an interview with HOT-HOT-HOT cover model, Vikkas Bhardwaj.  Not only is Vikkas hotter than a chili pepper, he’s one of the nicest guys on the planet.  So settle in for a very interesting read about a very interesting person.  Enjoy!

Kayce Lassiter:  What is the one most important thing you would have us know about you? 

Vikkas Bhardwaj:  I am a spiritual yogi on this earth plane to learn and to teach. I value even a drop of water, as traveling the world I have seen the best of the places and the worst. I always preach “do not waste food”, as there are people in the world who would die to get a lof of bread.  So, be kind and dont waste.  Take it back it home, but don't throw away food. I have always been a dreamer. That is why I left for bombay, to pursue acting and modelling without knowing anyone.  I did 2 films as the main lead, and have been modelling since—12 years now. I love to love everyone. Without love, we have nothing. Hatred will get you hatred, from everywhere, and love will get you love, from all over the place.  I do follow the laws of attraction. 

I understand you have been in some Bollywood movies.  What are the titles, and where can we find them? 

Vikkas:  As you know, Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the universe. You have Mr. Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt, who often visit Bombay.
The first film I did was called CLASSIC DANCE OF LOVE....CLICK HERE to link to it.       

To catch more videos and behind the scene videos, kindly go to and type in “Vikkaszone”.

How did you land your first Bollywood role? 

Vikkas:  This was definitely an accident. I was modelling with an actress for a calendar. The photographer told me to meet this film agent who does big films. So I called him, and met him. He told me to come tomorrow and meet him at the producer’s office at 11 am sharp, clean shaven. So i did.

As I walked in and met Mr. B. Subhash Ji, he smiled and said, ”He looks like my hero of the film.” 

My manager said, “Sir, sign him.”

He gave me few lines to read and told me to come prepared tomorrow.  And so i did. After my first read, he decided I was it and signed me for the film. Next thing you know, I was flying to Mauritius with the stars to shoot for 2 weeks. It is an experience I can't explain. 

What was the most challenging or exciting thing about your Bollywood projects?

Vikkas:  The hardest thing they had me do was in a swimming pool. The heroine is in the pool, and I’m suppose to come underwater and surprise her from beneath, meaning I had to be underwater. Well, those who know me know I can't swim. It took 1 hour for the trainer to teach me the basics, as I was not told I had to go undewater—it was decided last minute. So, after an hour, God knows how I held my breath and came up and surprised her. On camera it looks so clean, but i don’t know how I did that scene.

How did you get started in modeling?

Vikkas:  I started modeling 12 years ago, in Bombay. I did magazine covers, runways, billboards, and shot for music videos. The person who launched me in the fashion industry, and with whom I traveled the world for fashion shows, was Mr. Hemant Trivedi.

What part of modeling do you enjoy most?

Vikkas:  I love to wear all different kinds of clothing, and body language is most important when you model. Just emoting in front of the camera, I love it. 

What part of modeling do you enjoy least?

Vikkas:  When I have to go on a strict diet for 40 days before a major shoot. I cut all carbs, no rice, no roti, no flour, no bread...I survive on chicken, water, grilled fish, veggies, and yes once a week I’m allowed to cheat.

What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at a photo shoot or on a Bollywood set?

Vikkas:  The funniest part was the first day of shooting on the set where they filmed me kissing the heroine for the first time. Can you imagine?  First day, first day of knowing her, first kiss, and first shot of the film. We both were nervous, but it went smooth. I heard chuckles from the crew, but hey, it's a job and we did it perfectly.

What is the most beautiful or exotic location where you have modeled or filmed?

Vikkas:  We shot in Rajasthan for a brand clothing store which is quite famous in India. We shot at exotic locations of the red forts, huge giant warrior types of forts all over Rajasthan, with peacocks running on the side and coming close to you while you chase them. It was definitely an exotic location.

What one thing would we be surprised to learn about you personally?

Vikkas:  I collect Christopher Reeve's pictures. I have 2 albums filled with his photographs. He has been my idol since i was 10 years old. I have always loved him as a father figure, and always will. He is my HERO. Purest form of superhero that ever existed.

What exciting project do you have coming up that we should watch for?

Vikkas:  Now, that is something you have to wait for.  Give me few months, and I promise you will not want to miss this. Please sign up for my mailing list also. Just go to my website  Under galleries, do sign up J

Is there anything else that you would like for us to know about you?

Vikkas:  I await to go to Sweden, Denmark, Amsterdam, and Poland. I love European countries and I also plan to visit South India, as we have the oldest temples in the world.

Just love one another, and be kind. This is something I always say.  There is plenty to go around for every human being on earth. So, never fear for anything or anyone. Do your deeds. Thank you for having me, and I absolutely treat all my authors and my fans like my extended family. Be healthy, eat healthy, and if you need any help with any sorta diet, just shoot me a message on Facebook. :-)

Thank you again.  

For those of you who will be at the RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta, GA, May 2-7, look for Vikkas to be attending a number of workshops and reader parties.  (Psst...I know for a fact that Vikkas will be in attendance at the Butterscotch & Chocolate event from 4-5pm on Wed-5/3, LL2/Exhibit/Reader Level, Hanover F-G.  You will want to be in the first 100 attendees through the door!)


  1. Great interview, thanks Kayce! You get all the great jobs :)

    1. Yeah, this was a tough one. But you know me...always willing to take one for the team. LOL What a great guy he is!

  2. I totally enjoyed this interview with Vikkas. And thanks for posting about it on facebook; otherwise, I probably would have missed it. Great job!

    1. Vikkas did all the heavy lifting on this one. I just asked what I was curious about and posted his response. Be sure you watch for books with him on the to support the good guys. :)

  3. Okay, where did you meet Vikkas, and is this a common thing- meeting hot, sexy, and healthy-living models? I need to get out more!

    1. Met him at RT last year...and he's gonna be there again this year. Just sayin... LOL