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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Heat is Here!

        It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Phoenix. The sun is brilliant, the sky is a lovely azure blue without a single cloud to mar it and my citrus trees are in bloom. They smell heavenly. I can hear the bees buzzing around, doing what they’re supposed to do and judging by the amount of blossoms, I should have a bumper crop of oranges and pink grapefruit.
Why did I tell you all that? I’m not rubbing it in or trying to make you jealous, gentle reader—I know a lot of you are dealing with snow and cold weather. It’s to tell you that I’m a wimp when it comes to heat. Anything over 80 degrees and I’m sweltering (I tend to run warm anyway….when everyone in the office is freezing, I’m comfortable) and it’s been warm.  Temperatures have been in the high 80’s/low 90s. I know! It’s only March! Don’t hate me, but I’ve already turned on my air conditioner. I didn’t want to. Really. I didn’t. It’s just too soon. I usually try to put it off as long as possible…at least until April….but this year, I just couldn’t. The warmth hit me like a ton of bricks (believe me, I’m not looking forward to 110 degree days…..where most people hibernate in the winter, I do it in the summer). 
So you’re probably asking yourself why a girl who loves the cold weather (nothing better than sitting in front of a fire all cuddled up in blankets and reading a good book while the snow is falling outside) is living in the sweltering desert of Phoenix. Well, my DH is here. And where he goes, I go. He loves the heat, acclimated himself really well the first summer we moved to Arizona. Me? Not so much.
Photo courtesy of Robert Fabich, Sr.
The other reason I'm here....can't beat the scenery. I love the beauty of the desert. There's no other place quite like it.
So, here I sit in a t-shirt and shorts beneath the ceiling fan (yes, it’s on high) and listening to the air cycle off and on and I’m still too hot! At least, I’ve got a good book to lose myself in! Maybe it’ll be winter in the story and I’ll cool off just by reading about it!

As always, happy reading!

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