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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cover Your Eyes by Mary Burton

Don’t just Cover Your Eyes for this story, but rather wear armor.

Rachel Wainwright attempts to reopen an old murder case- not unsolved, but she feels the man committed has the right to further due process.  As a public defender, the job isn’t easy, piles of work, and sometimes enemies fight back.

Police officer, Deke Morgan, has a stake in her investigation.  Years ago, his father was the officer who cracked the case and put Rachel’s client behind bars.  Deke has also taken an interest in her, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.Win the First Morgan Family Novel, COVER YOUR EYES! | Mary ...

Great tension between Rachel and Deke as they are on opposing sides of the same law.  Between jabs and affectionate moves, they work hard to find a current killer who somehow appears to be related to the old case.

When the active killer targets Rachel, who will win?  It’s always a guess when a tough attorney, an honorable officer, and a psychotic criminal butt heads.

I like a suspense story that’s truly suspenseful and full of questions mixed with will he get her, or will she allow him to have her!

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