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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Two Hears' Christmas Wish by Tamara Ferguson

Getting to know the hero of the story, Jason Matthews, is an intense and fiery flight.  Jason is an Air Force captain, in the midst of gunfire as he and others of his squadron fight for the USA and for their own lives.

An emotional and touching scene of Jason as he gives ardently and physically to save his men can do nothing but encourage the reader to adore him and feel pride for our service people.

As Jason heals from the airplane fire, he sleeps and dreams of a former crush he had on Kat while they were teens.       

I think the backstory was a nice informative piece, but lasted way too long explaining a teenage crush between Jason, who was too old legally for her, Kat, his junior. For a young adult book- fine, but this is intended for adults.

After the lengthy backstory, we get into the meat of the romance when Jason realizes his life is lonely and he can’t quit thinking about the girl from fourteen years prior, Kat. 

The rest of the story is heartfelt between the two adults along with charitable hearts towards others and animals.  Can’t not like that! 

So, I’d recommend reading Two Hearts’ Christmas Wish.  Drop the backstory, and the rest of the tale is spot on for a wounded warrior romance!

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