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Friday, December 29, 2017


Hey there! How are ya’all? Good, I hope! It's the season of love, hope, and joy, and I hope you have all threein spades! 

Things are fabulous here…cannot wait to see what the new year will bring us. Hope your plans for the new year are as tremendous as mine. Because I’m expecting wonderful things! Huge things! Stupendous things! LOL

So, while I’m on the topic of wonderful things, I just wanted to take a second to fill ya’all in on my Christmas…because I know those of you who have been following my Christmas blogs are all wondering what Kayce got for Christmas this year. (I've already received inquiries. LOL) Did she get a new can opener this year? Or was it a coffee maker? Or did Christmas go in a completely new direction and bring her a new mixer, or a crock pot, or a new truck? And was it RED?

Okay, so Kayce just bought herself a new truck last December, so she really didn’t need another one…and they’re pretty pricey, so that didn’t happen this year. LOL  So, what was under that tree?
Well, for those who don’t follow my blogs religiously, there is a history here. My son, Dustin, has a tremendous (read twisted) sense of humor…and he lives to mess with his mother. (No doubt, it’s payback for all the years I messed with him.) So, in years past, he has bought his mom a number of can openers—RED—and a number of coffeemakers—RED. Two years ago, he had his wife purchase a red coffeemaker for mom (as a joke), knowing she already had one exactly like it. (Poor Heather got caught in the middle on that one. LOL)

So, mom told him last year “no more coffeemakers”. There just wasn’t room on the counter for a third red coffeemaker. And when I get up in the morning, it’s just such a challenge to put one foot in front of the other to get to the kitchen—let alone, having to choose which coffeemaker to use that day! Dustin was crushed, but he decided not to be deterred…after all, a good time was a good time. But, thankfully he understood the limitations of space on the counter and did not get me a new coffeemaker.

Instead, he got me a new red can opener…like I didn’t already have one. Okay, it was a good laugh for everyone—and a good laugh is a wonderful thing—and I didn’t have to make room on the counter for it.

We’re good.

Now we have a new Christmas, and a new gift to buy, to give, to look forward to, and to receive. What will it be this year? And will it be RED?

Well, hell yeah, it’ll be RED!

And bless his heart, my son found a way to both please his mother, and to give her yet another coffeemaker…a RED KEURIG!!!! And I freaking LOVE it!

Woo Hoo…hell yeah, I’ll make room on the counter for that beauty! (But next year I might need a new house, or at least a new kitchen. Just  

Well, folks, it’s been a great year and it was topped off with a fun and fabulous Christmas and a new RED Keurig. Now it’s time to look forward to 2018. I hope you have an outstanding year ahead and that you enjoyed the story about my Red Christmas. I sooo love red!

So, enjoy your New Year celebration and go into the new year with excitement and expectation. Set your goals high and dream it, say it out loud, make it happen! Stay safe, stay happy, and stay fun!

That’s my story, red and ridonkulous, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now, ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,
and the coffee's always on...



  1. Love the Red coffee maker, loved the red dish towel set. Now you no what would be better then that. ME--- IN A RED COWBOY OUT FIT DANCING ... MISS YOU MY COW GIRL

  2. My father, who was in the restaurant business, said to always paint the walls red in a restaurant because it makes people excited to get there but after awhile, anxious to leave. I love my Keurig also but it's a boring black!

    1. Perfect! I'm on my way to Lowe's now to get red paint for the living room. LOL company. There is nothing wrong with's all in the attitude. :)

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  4. Glad you had a wonderful and entertaining Christmas! Too funny! Looks like the other coffee makers just might be hitting the swip swap market - hahahahaha
    Happy New Year Kayce!

    1. One going into the travel trailer and the other staying on the counter for bulk coffee batches. LOL