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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

From Here To You by Jamie McGuire


Here’s a classic, ‘I need a good man’ story!
A lovely Texas weeding was planned for the first pages of the book.  Until Darby spent an extraordinary amount of time in the bathroom.  You ask, “So?  It’s normal for a bride to rent time in a bathroom to look perfect for her perfect day.”
Less than a day later, Darby is in Colorado and it’s not for her honeymoon.

She’s needy
 at this time.  She needs food, clothes, a home, and a job.

She finds everything at a Colorado hotel that specializes in the hotshots who are battling fires in the surrounding area. 
Trex is in the mix with a few skeletons of his own.  He has an undeniable interest in Darby, along with most the other men at the hotel. 
Darby and Trex have so many secrets and conflicts, it’s amazing that they’ll ever find a middle ground.  Although, ultimately just being themselves might have the desired effect along with honesty, which evolves to trust.
And that is the basis of a great relationship!
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