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Saturday, October 27, 2018

New Release: Breaking Point

Breaking Point was just released. Yay! It's the third book of the Metal Girls Trilogy. Breaking Point is a thrilling romantic suspense you won't want to miss. If you haven't started the series, check out the first book in the series: Melting Point. Melting Point is on sale for a limited time for only 99 cents. 

Excerpt from Breaking Point:

Reed Taylor had been hit before. As an ex-FBI agent, he had even been shot before. But nothing prepared him for the honey-haired, denim-eyed devil who stormed over to him wearing nothing but a dripping-wet bikini, followed by six pudgy piglets.
“Reed, you jerk!” 
A right-hook swing had his head whipping to the side. He cursed, holding his jaw from the blow.
He glared at Greer Brennan. “What was that for?”
“You know damn well what it was for,” she snapped.
“I take it you’re still mad.”
“Mad? I’m furious!”
It had been a full year since he’d seen her last. He thought for sure she’d have cooled off by now.
The piglets raced around his ankles, thinking nothing of the altercation, then they tore off to the lake, splashing and grunting.
“What’s with the pigs?” Reed asked . . . Continue the story and find out what happens next. It will be a bumpy, thrilling adventure full of sparks.

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