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Saturday, October 13, 2018

WEDDING AT POKER FLAT (Poker Flat #5) by Lexi Post Released!

Wedding at Poker Flat
(Poker Flat #5)
by Lexi Post

I'm thrilled that Kendra and Wade are finally getting married...or trying to anyway. Like most weddings, the unexpected happens and it's all about how everyone handles it, especially the bride and groom. I hope you enjoy.

Always, Lexi

Wade Johnson wants to make their wedding perfect for his bride-to-be. The problem is, “perfect” doesn’t exist at Poker Flat.
Kendra Lowe, former professional poker player and owner of Poker Flat Nudist Resort, is more than ready to marry her almost perfect cowboy, but when her mother arrives a week early, she’s unprepared for the emotions and baggage that come with her—from her mom’s blunt ways, to old memories, to her parents’ coming divorce.
Wade has finally convinced his fiancĂ© to tie the knot. Unfortunately, there are more knots that need to be untied first. Luckily, the misfit band of employees at Poker Flat are determined to help him get her to the altar…one way or another.
Gun-shy after her first beautiful wedding ended in a demoralizing marriage and harsh divorce, Kendra’s hoping this one will be anything but perfect. As hard as it is for her to accept, some things are simply out of her control. It’s very clear that this wedding will depend more on her family, friends, and if love truly can conquer all. If it can, it’s even stronger than she is.

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