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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews

I wanted to watch this movie, but I know I have to read the book first!  And what a treat it was.

Jason Matthews is a retired officer of the CIA’s Clandestine Service.  He tells the story as if it truly happened. 

Dominika Egorova began her life as a prima ballerina, working towards performing with the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia.  Her parents encouraged her to believe in the mother country, which she did.

Red SparrowThat’s until her career as a ballerina is ruined by a vindictive move.

She turns to a career with the Russian government, encouraged by her uncle.  The training is medieval in a sense.  Especially at the Red Sparrow school where Dominika is trained to exploit a target in the art of sex.

Nate Nash is exported from his position with the CIA out of Russia and to Helsinki.  He’s supposed to be semi-demoted and given a desk job.

Dominika is used and pushed around and she witnesses unfortunate deaths of friends.  Losing the respect for her country, she is intent on paying the country back for their cruelty and greed. 

Dominika contacts the CIA and is handles by Nate, not realizing the important and extensive information they would uncover together.

Dominika and Nate’s alliance is incredibly dangerous.  Along with close work together, the cardinal rule is snapped as their emotions and hearts tangle.

This is the ultimate of work and love mixing with an explosive outcome in espionage, thriller, and a dark romance.

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