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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Veronica Reviews: A ROSE IN THE HIGHLANDS by Heather McCollum

Historical Romance
A Rose in the Highlands (Highland Roses School #1)
Heather McCollum

5 Stars

“Their love wove tightly around them, healing old wounds and creating joy from their shattered beginnings.”

 Evelyn Worthington and her sister Scarlet are set with a task of making a school in the wilds of the highlands profitable, or find themselves shackled to a future not of their liking.  In the dark of night in the midst of a storm, Evelyn finds herself face to face with Clan Chief Grey Campbell.  Never one to back down, Evelyn sets up a truce between the Chief and some of the villagers to share Finlarig Castle and turn it into the Highland Roses School.  As the days pass, Grey is drawn towards Evelyn’s strength and determination to educate the women and anyone else who wishes to attend the Highland Roses School, and Evelyn is falling in love with the fierce but caring and protective Grey.  But when the future Evelyn and Scarlet are desperate to run from catches up with them, they find themselves in the middle of a treasonous plot and fighting an unsuspecting evil that could very well cost all of them their lives.

A Rose in the Highlands is one of those stories that once started,
you can’t put down.  Evelyn’s and Grey’s romance was smoldering hot, and I absolutely loved it!  Highly recommend and can’t wait for the next installment!

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