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Friday, December 12, 2014

A Romance Author's Vacation...Fourth and Final

Our last place on the tour for Ireland is Waterford!  Yes, the amazing and sparkly crystal that I’ve been waiting for.

We watched artisan’s create the blown glass and etch the famous designs we all want shining on our holiday tables.

Not a place to have a problem with the credit card.  I chose a large selection of crystal and jittered with anticipation and smiles as the very helpful salesman (who had traveled to a Wisconsin Waterford store) rang up my choices.  I had carefully selected pieces made at the store we were in.  The card didn’t go through.  OMG!  And the bus will leave in ten minutes.

I had to leave without the treasures.

Later called the credit card by their 24/7 free call from anywhere in the world. 

The day before, my husband had tried to use a Tyme machine by putting the card in at least five times.  The card company though it may have been stolen, so they closed it.  After the call, all was settled and the card open.  We weren’t near the Waterford store anymore.

Long story, short, I ordered pieces online, Ireland said they don’t ship to the U.S. (only for tours), so I ordered on a different site.  The nice UPS man brought me a huge box and placed it inside my door.  Yeah!  Four days later I received another huge box.  Both orders came.  My husband laughed and said “keep it all.”

Sometimes errors work in your favor!

Across the channel and into Wales.

We visited Cardiff Castle, which was amazing with decoration and history.  This is the same castle that Harry Potter was filmed in, and on the day we arrived a wedding had been scheduled.  The groomsmen wore handsome kilts.  The bridesmaids had crimson satin dresses.  The Groom arrived in a black Jaguar with a bridal bow across the hood of the car-English tradition.

The castle was the first English castle to have electricity and plumbing because of the owner’s great wealth.  Each room had murals full of stories.  The wooden trims along the walls are embedded with real garnets, rubies, and emeralds.

During the ride back to London, I updated my notebook.  I have a hoard of ideas for another novel.  The mystery and cold of exquisite castles, the churning waters of the channels, the austere atmosphere of Heathrow, the personally ordered pieces of crystal, and the running prowess of the horses are all parts of an upcoming novel.  As soon as I write it!


Have a grand holiday,

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