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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

After Thanksgiving

      The house is strangely quiet.
      It’s the week after Thanksgiving. The leftovers are almost gone (I think there’s a turkey leg and a small piece of cheesecake left). My furry, four-legged daughters are still sleeping (one on the futon behind me, the other on the loveseat) utterly exhausted from having company and the fact that their ‘mother’—that’s me―can be a whirlwind (I have made more than one person tired just watching me). My son and his girlfriend have gone back to Texas (and reality, as my son says) and I have gone back to work after being off for a week.  
     It was a lovely Thanksgiving. Lots of laughter, lots of teasing, lots of hugs.
     And once again, I am struck by how blessed I am (despite the fact I caught a cold and our hot water heater decided that it would no longer heat our water) and how grateful…I spent the holiday doing exactly as I wanted—cooking and cleaning and being with friends and family. I avoided Black Friday as there is nothing I need (or want) bad enough to brave those crowds and that traffic. Instead, we stayed in and watched old westerns with John Wayne (and a couple newer ones with Tom Selleck). And it was perfect! Just being able to spend time with family makes me feel blessed.
Did I read while I was off? A little. Certainly not as much as I should have, but that’s okay. My TBR pile is towering, but has not fallen over so I think I’m good. Did I write? Yes, I did….right into a corner….or should I say hole?...but I’ve got my trusty shovel and I’m digging…..
In the meantime, hope you all had a wonderful holiday. 

As always, happy reading!


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