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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Game On by Tracy Solheim

Many people have the rule of not dating a co-worker.  In love, rules are meant to be broken. 
Shane Devlin is a famous quarterback for the Baltimore Blaze.  All his fame hasn’t come from good plays on and off the field.  Product Details
Carly March is the business side of the Blaze.  She holds Shane in low esteem until he holds her in his arms. 
Footballs fly across the field and bullets fly too close.  Until Shane and Carly figure each other out and forget all the stereotypes they still have another problem.
I personally think they’re both playing too hard to get and being a bit foolish, but that certainly makes for some creative scenes.
This is a fun story to be a part of as the reader wants to tell Shane and Carly what’s really going on and to get on with some loving!  Find out if they do.

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