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Friday, December 26, 2014

Cruise of a Lifetime: Day 10 – What a Ship!

On this day we got to sleep in again. Who knew a cruise could be so tiring, but to be fair, we were cramming as much as possible into every day. Luckily, for these days at sea, we were on the Celebrity Equinox, and it was a truly beautiful ship.
The Grand Foyer is where we first entered the ship. It also had entertainment every night which included some kind of music, be it the house band, a DJ or the performers from the nightly shows in the theatre.

Speaking of the theatre, the ship had a very nice one where we caught four different comedians, a variety show and three musicals. Besides singers and dancers, the ship boasted “atmosphere” performers who had Cirque du’Soleil type skills.

Even traveling the elevators from one floor to the next was fun. We could check the weather through the glass roof or admire the “floating” tree. There were lots of public rooms on the way up including a card room which was used quite a bit on our cruise.

This ship not only had a library, but an iLounge as well where passengers, who wished to, could get online or buy the latest iPad. I preferred to stay off line because I was on a long awaited vacation and I wanted to enjoy every minute of the experience :-)

Of course, there were lots of bars from the Ensemble Lounge which was a quiet, relax and chat type bar, though it did have a quartet or guitar player, all the way to Quasar with its neon disco lighting and a lot of dancing. That one made me think of the 60’s.

The ship even boasted a helicopter pad on its bow. Very cool.

At the end of a nice day of relaxing, eating, drinking, and being entertained, we came back to our room to find a bunny on our coffee table and mice in the bathroom. Eek ;-) We were now well rested and ready to tackle our last port of call, Malta. It was hard to believe the trip was almost over.

Always, Lexi 

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