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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

        Hello all! It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and football is blaring from the television as I write this (my DH is a huge football fan). Hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with loving family and friends and enough food to make your dining room table groan under the weight. I know I did…and I’m so thankful for all of it. I’m also still full, although that doesn’t stop me from picking at the leftovers….I love Thanksgiving Day leftovers, don’t you? Sure, I’ll have another piece of cheesecake….but I digress.
         I was fortunate enough to take the whole week of Thanksgiving off from the day job (and the bathroom scale, although said scale has been giving me the stink eye since last Sunday). What did I do with my time off? Well, I cooked and cleaned and baked and read, and played with the dog (my being off really messed up her schedule, not to mention my DH’s routine) and avoided said bathroom scale like it was the plague. Oh, and I watched a bunch of those holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel (love those movies and all those happily ever afters!) I particularly enjoyed Operation Christmas. For a sap like me, those happily ever afters really make my day and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I may shed a tear or two while the credits roll.
         What else did I do? I wrote (and not just in the morning as is my habit during the work week) and I finally finished my current work in progress. I didn’t write “The End” though because there’s still editing to do (and cutting! Oh my gosh, the cutting! I tend to get a little wordy) and the dreaded synopsis to write but for all intents and purposes, the story is done! I’m happy the story has ended (and with the way it ended…because this story really kicked my butt!).
I’m a little sad, too. It’s hard to say “Goodbye” to Theo and Eamon, Granny and all the rest of the characters who have been in my life for the better part of a year (I’ll even miss the bad guy!), but I will revisit them and that’s always a good thing.  
         Well, gentle readers, tomorrow is Monday and back to the day job for me (there are bills to pay and work to be done) but I so enjoyed my time off and getting to spend time with family and friends (and that includes my characters). Hope you did, too!

As always, happy reading (and watching those Hallmark movies and stuffing yourself with….stuffing!)

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