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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hidee Ho, Good Neighbor

         So I’m standing in my kitchen, shredding chicken for enchiladas for dinner and I take a peek out my window and I can’t help myself. I start shaking my head and laughing.
Do you all remember the show Home Improvement? And how Tim Taylor would talk to his neighbor, Wilson, over the wood fence? Well, this is what I’m seeing…but it’s a little different.
We don’t have a wood fence. Ours in block. And my DH is not standing on the ground, peeking over the fence, only seeing a portion of our neighbor’s face like we saw Wilson’s. No, that’s not quite good enough. My DH is standing in the bed of his truck.
This is not a one time occurrence. This happens all the time, sorta like Tim and Wilson. Or housewives of old, talking to each other as they hung laundry on the line (I will admit, I did this quite often in my old neighborhood. Invariably, my neighbor and I would end up doing laundry on the same day and chat while we hung up our clothes).
         I don’t think my neighbor has ever said the words “Hidee Ho, Good Neighbor” like Wilson did but I’m sure whatever they say, it’s close enough. What do they talk about? Oh, everything but today’s topic is football (it is, after all, Sunday).
And it’s all good. He’s a great neighbor and he and my DH have become really close friends (that goes for me, as well). We look out for each other and that’s the way it should be.
         Actually, I’m quite fortunate. I’ve had good luck with neighbors (I know, that makes it sound like I’ve lived a million places, but really, I haven’t….we were in our first home for thirteen years and we’ve been in this one for nearly twenty…I’m not one for moving around a lot…did that too often when I was a kid and even when my DH and I did move, almost twenty years ago, the new house was only two blocks away).
         Friendships are important. So are good neighbors.
         When I write, my characters all have that one friend (or sometimes, it's a relative), the one they confide in the most, the one who will tell them the truth, whether they want to hear it or not. And that’s the way it should be as well.
         Here's hoping you have good neighbors, too!

As always, happy reading (and talking over the fence).

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