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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October Memories

     Well, hello there! It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Phoenix (although by the time you read this, it’ll be Wednesday). It’s still a little too warm for the end of October, if you ask me and so much different than when I was growing up back east. In New Jersey, October was much chillier and by the time Halloween rolled around, it could be downright cold! I remember getting bundled up in warm winter coats beneath our costumes so we could go door to door trick or treating, holding out our pillow cases to be filled with candy (but running past the house on my street everyone swore was haunted!).  
     There was that “get ready for winter” tang in the air and most of the leaves had already turned their gorgeous fall colors and fallen to the ground, just waiting for some enterprising girl (yours truly) to come by and rake them out to the curb (for a buck or two or maybe just a cup of hot chocolate from the elderly widow who lived down the road). Smoke rose from chimneys, curling upward only to disappear into the dark night and the scent was incredible (still love that smell). The sun went down earlier and there just seemed to be so many stars in the sky.
Forgive me, I’m feeling nostalgic for those long ago days, especially since it’s been in the 90’s around here. I miss the leaves turning colors, miss raking them into big piles and jumping in them. Miss that “winter’s coming” coldness that could sometimes take you by surprise.
   Hmmm, maybe it’s time I take a drive up to Prescott or Flagstaff or Oak Creek Canyon and get some of what I’m missing. Yeah, sounds like a good idea….
Oh, wait, I can’t go now….I have a book to finish writing…oh well, there will be other autumns, other beautiful trees turning awesome colors…

As always, happy reading (and jumping in leaves)!

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