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Friday, May 17, 2019

Entangled Publishing contracts A POCKET IN TIME (Time Weavers, Inc., Book 2) by Lexi Post

A Pocket in Time 
(Time Weavers, Inc. Book 2)
by Lexi Post

A Pocket in Time, the second in the Time Weavers, Inc. series has been contracted by Lydia Sharp of Entangled Publishing.

A Pocket in Time, which is inspired by Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist," sends Katz Almira back to Regency London where she must infiltrate a band of pickpockets. Government conspiracies and unexpected romance complicate her simple mission.

The first book in the series, On Highland Time, is also published
by Entangled. This story follows Diana Montgomery back to Medieval Scotland where she must insure Laird MacPherson dies as he originally did in history before the Disrupters changed the timeline and the world. Unfortunately, no matter how much she fights it, she falls in love with the big-hearted and big-bodied man.

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