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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Seen Any Good Movies?

Hello, gentle readers!
So, the last time I posted, I wrote about the weather and how it was starting to get hot….well, the weather made a liar out of me. You all know that I write on Sundays so my post is ready on Wednesday….and wouldn’t you know it, our temperature dipped to the high 70s the day after….so…I won’t be talking about the weather for a while.
What shall we talk about? How about movies? In my neck of the woods, we had a free preview weekend for some of the cable premium channels. I love when this happens. I get to catch up on movies I haven’t seen yet (I do not subscribe to the premium channels like HBO or Showtime) but I love when I can get it for free. This past weekend was Starz and Epix so I saw Equalizer 2 (with Denzel Washington….I just love him) and the new Jumanji (with Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock….love him too). Both were excellent! I loved the humor in Jumanji! Is it just me or are they getting better as they’re getting older?
And just for fun, I watched Romancing the Stone. I so love this movie. It’s a classic in my book. The writing is electric and runs the gamut from funny to heart-breaking. The chemistry between Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas is phenomenal and boy, does it show in the interaction of their characters. My favorite scene? When they go down the side of the mountain in a rush of water and of course, the ending. I’m a sucker for those happy endings! Gotta have ‘em!
The weekend is over now as is the free preview so tomorrow morning, it’s back to Wife for Hire, my work in progress, and the day job. 

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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