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Friday, May 31, 2019

Veronica Reviews: THE WICKED VISCOUNT by Heather McCollum

The Wicked Viscount
by Heather McCollum

3.5 Stars

“As long as blood courses through my body, my heart will never leave you.”

Cat Campbell has made the wilds of the Highlands her home.  Cat has been caring for her younger sister since the death of their parents.  When two English ladies open the doors of Finlarig Castle to the women in the area, Cat is at first skeptical.  But when she sees the ladies are providing food, shelter, and teaching the girls more than just reading and writing but also the art of self-defense, Cat and her sister join the Highland Roses.  

Blessed with the art of healing, Cat quickly learns more of her craft as well as becoming one of the most respected students of the Roses.  When the Queen summons for one of the Highland Roses to assist her at Court, it is no surprise that Cat is the one chosen to answer her request.

Nathaniel Worthington, the Fifth Viscount of Lincolnshire, has been funding his sisters Highland Rose school, and secretly yearning for a particular Rose.  When Cat is summoned to Court, Nathaniel offers to assist her in her travels as well as maneuvering the many intrigues within the hierarchy of the prominent families at Court. 
As the mystery of who plotted and succeeded in poisoning the King unfolds, so too does the budding attraction between one very wicked Viscount and his Highland Rose.

The Wicked Viscount is the third in the Campbell series, and while it states can be read alone, I would not suggest doing so.  I absolutely loved the first two books in this series.  And while this was well written and an entertaining read, I missed the Highland backdrop as well as all the Highland Roses, the sisters and their husbands.  Cat and Nathaniel’s romance is slow to kindle but quick to burn…and burn verra hawt!  Overall, The Wicked Viscount would be enjoyed by fans of historical romance.

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