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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Veronica Reviews: GARRETT'S GHOST by Pamela Ackerson

Garrett’s Ghost
Pamela Ackerson

4 Stars

“With you, I can see forever.  Tomorrow is on the way and the possibilities are endless.”

Garrett Houston is a Texas Ranger, but not just the average run of the mill Texas Ranger, he’s part of a time traveling convention that investigate cold case crimes.  While meeting up with some of his fellow companions, Garrett suddenly finds himself harassed by a spirit that demands he travel back and bring her killer to justice. 

Margarite has finally found someone that can hear her, and becomes emphatic that he help her escape the darkness.  She is only nearly dead and time is of an essence if she is to survive the horror of her attack.  As the clues of Margarite’s disappearance are brought to light, Garrett finds himself investigating not only her attempted murder, but also the deaths of several other women.
 As Margarite begins to adjust and heal from her trauma, she finds strength and love in the arms of her rescuer.  She also discovers that“Sometimes the things we need to change end up changing us.”

Garrett’s Ghost is a cozy romantic mystery with hints of time travel and paranormal.  It is this reader’s hope that some of the subplots and characters that were introduced are given their own story.  A very enjoyable read that I’d recommend!

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