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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

In Search Of....

Hello, gentle readers!
Do you remember the show “In Search Of…”? Leonard Nimoy hosted this exploration into unsolved mysteries and things that defied explanation….like the disappearance of the Mayans or the Bermuda Triangle.
Well, I have recently felt like I’ve been part of that show, except I wasn’t searching for the Lost City of Atlantis or the secrets of life. What was I searching for, you ask? Crushed tomatoes. Now, you might think this would be an easy search and it should be, but…
Let me back up a little.
Memorial Day weekend is coming up rather quickly here and, as you may know from reading my posts, I traditionally make a big batch of spaghetti sauce (complete with Italian hot sausage and meatballs). I’m very particular about my sauce and the ingredients that go in it…hence the search for crushed tomatoes. And not just any brand of crushed tomatoes but Angela Mia, in the big #10 size can (which is about 102 ounces….pretty big). The brand is important because of the taste. The size of the can is important too. I use four #10 cans (like I said, it’s a big batch and it's so much more cost effective to use this size can).
The last batch I made, I had difficulty finding Angela Mia crushed tomatoes in the big can. Costco and Sam’s used to carry it, but no longer. I tried Smart & Final, but they only carried stewed tomatoes in the big can. I tried Walmart, but no luck and I was running out of time. I ended up using another brand in the smaller can (28 ounces, which turned out to be about 14 cans). 
And you know what? The sauce didn’t come out the way it should have. The taste was a little off (not everyone noticed, but I sure did). The consistency was off too…and I was not happy, as you can imagine.
So, I started my search a little earlier this time around and did all the usual places where I used to be able to get it before (Costco, Sam’s, etc). I tried online (I thought I could order it from Walmart and have it delivered to one of my local stores or Amazon and have it delivered to the house…and I probably could have, but I ran into roadblocks….such as the price (I saw prices for six cans anywhere from 50 bucks to over 100 bucks…for crushed tomatoes!?!?) or the lovely message “Not available in your area”. Really? I’ve never seen a message like that so it was back to the drawing board…or rather, the internet.
And I found them. At a restaurant supply house that is open to the public….except the place was a little out of the way of my usual driving comfort zone. Still, I pulled up my big girl panties and took that drive (I will admit, I got a little lost…one would think that after living in Phoenix for over 35 years, one would know where one was going…apparently not…at least not for me…road construction did not help with my direction impairment, either!)
I am happy now…I can make my sauce over the Memorial Day weekend. Tradition has not been broken. Whew!

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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