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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Veroinca Reviews: UNEXPECTED MISSION by T.S. McKinney

Unexpected Mission
TS McKinney
M/M Romantic Suspense
5 Stars
“If I lived to be a hundred, I’d never forget the way Micah looked at that moment in time.  I’d never wanted anyone so badly in my life—never.”

Jinx (Micah) is one of the hottest and most sought after models hitting the catwalk.  With fame comes danger, and after several threatening emails and notes, his mother and godmother feel that he is in need of a full time security team and body guard.  His father is against it from the start, which makes Jinx all the more in favor, especially when he sees the agent that will be assigned to him, and begins to have feelings never thought possible.

Landon can’t believe he’s stuck babysitting a kid almost half his age.  Since his assignment is a rich pretty boy, Landon assumes Jinx will be a spoiled brat.  But looks are deceiving, and Landon soon discovers that Jinx’s true beauty lies within.

Landon and Micah’s (Jinx) relationship quickly escalates to something stronger…could it be love?  Sometimes love has a way of blinding one of dangers lurking closer than imagined, and with Landon and Micah, the consequences could prove deadly. 

TS McKinney has weaved a story full of everything this reader could possibly want!  Unexpected Mission is a May/December M/M GFY romance with a touch of mystery and suspense.  Absolutely loved and didn’t want it to end!  Highly recommend!

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  1. I love this book and so would love to see more in this series. Jinx and Landon are amazing but I would like to see more about this sons. We ready know one is in a relationship with the owner half brother.