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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Kremlin Conspiracy by Joel Rosenberg

Oleg Kraskin impresses the Russian president and is honored to be given the right to marry his daughter.

Oleg didn’t know there’s a price to pay when marrying into the oligarchy at the highest level.  Can he keep his marriage filled with love alive? Will his thoughts and actions as he realizes the intent of the president separate or kill the marriage?  Especially for what Oleg feels he needs to do for the love of his country.The Kremlin Conspiracy

Marcus Ryker already met the end of his marriage in a shooting that shattered his life.  In the U.S., being a secret service agent never leaves the blood even after Marcus took a hiatus for four years.  A close friend requested Marcus to return to action on a simple detail, protecting a senator traveling to Russia.  He’d try it just this once.

In Russia, Oleg sat next to the Russian president.  Oleg approached Marcus, on the side of the senator, and congratulated him for his many honors.

That was the start of Oleg’s precarious activity in contrast to his loyalty to his president.  And Marcus’ biggest test to protect his country.

Oleg And Marcus have a treacherous goal that may cost them lives and love, or strengthen both.

Well written and spellbinding.  Each scene heightens the possibility of growth or destruction in nation and in personal love.

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