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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Head Games by Eileen Dreyer


You never think it can happen in your hometown.

Molly Burke has enough of her own nightmares to contend with from her stint in Vietnam as a nurse.  Her current position as a trauma nurse and death investigator in St. Louis is another compartment of her life that she undoubtedly experiences horrific gut scenes along with the rampant lets-hide-the-child-abuse stupidity.

Just as Molly begins to get vicious notes left on her doorstep, her not-often-seen nephew, Patrick, pays a call from across the country while his parents are working in China.  Maybe he can soften the hard edge of reality and fill a void of a childless home.  He’s a wild-child, although he does take on a job and befriends the elderly man next door.
The notes keep coming along with freshly de-muscled human bones.

Frank Patterson, a big time attorney, regularly checks on and visits Molly out of more than duty.  Fortunately, he understands her wry sense of humor as she has a hard time allowing him any room in her hectic schedule.

Molly’s forced to check her past for anyone who’d want her as dead as the gifted bones.  She keeps in mind that serial killers start out as, let’s say, misfit kids.

Dreyer takes us through a maze that has no clear ending, maybe many.  Thriller, intense, shocking, and a story that will hit you like a brick at the final revelation.

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