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Friday, March 21, 2014

So Proud of My Better Half

Coast Guardsman reading to children. Photo taken by my husband.

I usually write about writing, but today I have to write about my better half. Yes, he is my better half in so many ways, and I am damn lucky to have him in my life.

My awesome husband has recently had some great successes which I have posted on facebook. As former Military Police for the Air Force and a Fire Chief in civilian life, he was drawn to the structure of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  His interest has been in the PA program where he trained to become a PA Specialist III. PA stands for Public Affairs. He has done such a great job writing articles and taking photos for the Auxiliary and Active Duty Coast Guard men and women that the higher levels have started to take notice.

I was thrilled when one of his photos was picked up by the Associated Press and made the cover of a number of newspapers across the country (above photo). I was also proud when the national magazine that comes out once a year titled The Navigator had 8 pages of my husband’s articles and/or photos including a two page photo spread. I was also excited when he was promoted to a District level PA position.

But none of this was a surprise to me. He has always been an overachiever and a person I highly respect. Of course, the fact that he truly enjoys hanging out with romance writers, or that he shares with me how he would react to situations I may put my heroes in, are also definitely pluses. Not to mention he is an excellent cook and a fantastic dancer as well. Two traits that fit me perfectly as I can't cook and love to dance!

So I hope you don’t mind I took a break from talking about Lexi Post and writing romance. The fact is, I couldn’t do any of it without my better half :-)

Always, Lexi

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