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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Last Detail by Lisa J. Lickel

Lickel takes you deep into the secrets and insecurities of lives devoted to their faith and the realization that when listening to God, their issues can be turned into understanding and love. 

Amalia Kennedy has a full plate piled with a man who insists they were meant to be married, not according to herself, the desire for her own children, death of a close friend, and the appearance of the man, Merit Campbell, who makes her heart flip for real.The Last Detail

Merit Campbell, a medical missionary has devoted his life to his faith.  He begins to doubt his reason for his devotion; could it be to hide from a close relationship to his new acquaintance, Amalia, for fear of losing her?

Incredible romantic tension and confusion with their deep faith, Amalia and Merit struggle to allow themselves to love.  It seems to be the one thing they cannot have complete control of, yet sometimes a heart doesn’t lie.

Award-winning Lisa J Lickel is a powerful storyteller and brings her characters to life with all too real problems.

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