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Monday, March 17, 2014

My Writing Process Blog

Friend and fellow author LexiPost has invited me to speak about my process on the My Writing Process Blog Tour.

What am I working on? I am currently working on a western, which (hopefully) could be the first book in a trilogy about the MacDermott brothers, three of the most gorgeous lawmen ever to pin on a silver star (now to find the time….and the words… write their stories).  

How does my work differ from others of its genre? How is my work different? I’m not sure I can answer that. I try to make my stories as real as possible, describing settings and such so that you feel as if you are there (at least, that’s my intention….I’m not sure if I always pull it off). My heroines are always scrappy, feisty woman who are usually in the middle of all the trouble and my heroes….well….they’ll do just about anything for the women they fall in love with.

Why do I write what I do? Plain and simple, I love history! Whether it’s the old west or the Civil War (Mischief and Magnolias, my story set during this awful period in American history is being released today! Whooo-hoooo!) or pirates sailing the high seas, I love it all! History is rich in stories of ordinary men and women facing extraordinary circumstances and if I (and my readers) can learn something along the way, I’m happy.

How does your writing process work? My process is a bit strange, and seems to be different for each book I write.  Sometimes, I’ll see something (a beautiful sunset, a storm building in the distance, a cabin in the woods, a lone cactus sitting on a hilltop) which sparks off that wonderful game called “What if….” I love playing this game. The possibilities are endless. And sometimes, I will confess, I hear voices. In my head. Usually, the deep, rich voice of a man I haven’t met who begs me “Tell my story.” Well, of course, I’m going to ask (and yes, I’ve done this out loud): “Who are you?” For my current work in progress, I heard “My name is Brock MacDermott. I’m a bounty hunter.” That interested me right off the bat (I’ve never written about a bounty hunter) so I said (out loud, mind you, to no one except the voice in my head), “A bounty hunter, hmmm? Who are you looking for?” And then he sorta stepped into my line of vision so I knew what he looked like and began to speak…..

Next Monday, discover the process of my friend, KayceLassiter.  Kayce is a country girl writing what she knows—cowgirls, cowboys, falling in love, making mistakes (boy, does she know how to make mistakes!), making right choices, winning, losing, magic, and happily-ever-afters.

As always, happy reading!

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